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June 3rd, 2017

Exploring the Instruments – Piano

Exploring the Instruments

Children and musical instruments belong together, and there are so many choices! At the Music Vault Academy we offer private and/or group lessons in voice, piano, percussion, violin, flute, saxophone, and guitar. We also offer instruction in many styles of music.

This is a series of hands-on introductions to our most popular instruments. You will hear an expert performance in various styles and traditions, learn about the instrument and how to care for it, and have an opportunity to try to play a little.

Bring your child to this series of classes to get an idea of which one might work best for your student. This class is intended for children in elementary school and older.

Discover a new instrument each week through this series of 45min. classes held on Saturdays at 1pm.

Upcoming instruments:
Piano – June 3rd
Violin – June 10th
Drums – June 17th

Price: Drop-in cost is $20. Packages of 4 classes are $60 (25% off).

Piano: Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 at 1pm

What do you call a musical instrument that has 12 thousand parts of which 10 thousand MOVE? Has an incredible tonal range that NO other symphonic instrument can match?

Well… its officially called Piano Forte… but better known simply as the… Piano!

As complex as it is, being an instrument of fine mechanics, it surprisingly fun and easy to learn how to play! And although takes years to master, it has the ability to sound good at many different levels of play experience.

There are major benefits in learning the piano… a few examples:

  • Split Concentration / Spacial Thinking: The ability to have both hands doing two different things and also how the brain connects left and right hemispheres.
  • Better academic performance: There have been many studies linking learning to play piano and better grades!
  • Stress reliever: “Sooth the savage beast“. Playing music in general is proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Builds Social Confidence: To play in front of a group builds self confidence and helps create new friendships.

Come and find out a little and a lot about the benefits of learning to play piano!

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